Life = Art

Life = Art

Life = ArtLife = ArtLife = Art

to the desert south west!

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Your life is a work of art.


To live is to survive but to live one's life is a work of art.  When an artist comes upon an idea, he dedicates his time and efforts to a worthy goal. The completion of his vision brings joy and fulfillment to his soul.  It takes commitment and insight to discern what makes life worth living. The entertainment industry has evolved throughout the millennia but one thing remains the same. 

The purpose of entertainment was, is and will always be in celebration of our humanity. For all it’s highs and lows and everything else in between, our species have been blessed with this special gift.  As such, the purpose of South Summerlin Productions is to celebrate humankind in the service of others. It is our mission to emulate this through our cinematic endeavors.  






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